Revealing Progress

Another Monday night. I take my son to soccer practice and have 90 minutes to drive to Tony’s, get some collaborative work done, and then head back. Tony has had prolonged sickness, like many of our fellow Hoosiers this winter. I played bits from the episode I’m nearly done editing. I have probably put at least 6 hours into the editing process.

After watching the Garageband Podcasting Essentials video, I have become proficient in the editing. I do plan to watch the video again before I dive back into episode 2 editing.  My biggest editing frustration is not being able to listen to it at 1.5x speed.

I have never spent much time listening to a recording of my voice.  I’m happy with my tone, volume, and clarity. However, I am peppering in many “you know” and “and.. uh” transitions.  I needed to cut about 20 minutes from a 65 minute interview with Jen and April.  I seriously think I probably edited about 90 seconds by just taking out those sorts of fillers.  I know I will get better.

Tony and I both speak deliberately and somewhat slower, I think.  I am not joking when I am considering ways to encourage people to listen to us at 1.5x speed. We’ll adapt.

I recorded a loop of the question, “What does healing mean to you?” and copied a section of Jen answering the question. I moved it to the front of the recording, before the intro music. It sounds good.  We’ll be using that format at beginning of each episode.

Within 24 hours of my Super Bowl podcast submission to iTunes, the trailer was live. I got the notice at work and could barely contain myself. I was texting many friends and family. In contrast, I haven’t told anyone at the office.  It’s a strange feeling to be doing all of this work, but not sharing it with any work colleagues.

This is a topic to cover briefly at introduction of next podcast.  We’ll be interviewing my former neighbor, Marie Henning. The focus is on mental health in the workplace.

– written by Eric Riddle

About the Author
Co-creator of Revealing Voices and resident spiritual poet for the podcast, Eric advocates for the development of better mental health through art and environmental stewardship.

4 comments on Revealing Progress

  1. Tony Roberts says:

    I too am very enthusiastic after hearing Eric’s edited version of the Pilot episode. Both the quality and content are spot-on to establish the identity of our mission. It is better than good-enough and will only improve with each show.

  2. Tom Vandergriff says:

    Looking forward to more episodes as this podcast develops. I love the idea.. Thanks to you both!

    1. erictony says:

      Thanks for visiting, Tom. We are also looking forward to what God has planned for this ministry. It is a labor of love.

  3. Eric Riddle says:

    Tom, we are 4 days away from our official release! Spread the words that March 1 is launch date – you can find us on iTunes, Sticher, and TuneIn radio!

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