Episode 12 – Eric Riddle on Service

Eric Riddle discusses his book, “Watershed: Service in the Wake of Disaster”. Learn what Watershed Philanthropy means to Eric.

We hope you enjoy a little “behind the scenes” listening in this unedited episode!

With summer coming to an end, we will be transitioning back into an interview format for Episode 13.  We will welcome Robert Vore, podcast host of the CXMH podcast. We are excited to learn more about Robert’s evolving ministry at the intersection of faith and mental health.

Episode 7 – Eric Riddle Revealed

On this episode, Tony interviews co-host, Eric Riddle.  In this interview, Eric and Tony discuss unconditional love, haiku, “bipolar order”, wearing a banana suit, Faithful Friends ministry, and many other topics.

Some of the questions include:

What is peer recovery?

How did you disclose your diagnosis to your children?

What does it mean to have a mood disorder?

Why did you wear a banana suit?

What does healing mean to you?

As always, you can find much more at

Eric is currently participating in #the100dayproject on Instagram. During the project, he is writing daily haikus that can be found at #hundredhaiku

Author of Watershed: Service in the Wake of Disaster, a book about the 2008 flood in his hometown of Columbus, IN.

Member of The Stability Network:

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On the Creative Pep Talk podcast, I was introduced to The 100 Day Project.  The founders, Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson, shared inspiring stories from people who participated in the past. I have decided to join in this 5th annual event.

All are welcome to join. From what I have seen on the website, your daily creation is posted through Instagram.  All posts include #the100dayproject and a second hashtag that is unique to your project.  Mine is going to be #hundredhaiku!

How does this relate to mental health and faith?

I believe that God has given humankind a unique capacity to create.  We are all producers. Unfortunately, many people label people with mental illness as “consumers”.

During my darkest depressions, I reminded myself that even my worst experiences may be opportunities for me to “produce”. It may not happen in the midst of my worst symptoms, but I maintain my faith in being part of God’s creation and in my capacity to create.

Please consider joining me on Tuesday, April 3.  Spring has arrived. Easter is a reminder of resurrection and the triumph of eternal life over death.

You are a creator.

Faithful Family

April Roberts Cohen was born, um, er, well, two years before I was. Her name was going to be Karen, but when she was born April 9, our parents were divinely inspired to name her April. From a human perspective, this helped them remember her birthday.

As mentioned, I came along two years later. From an early age, April assumed the role of surrogate mother. She was exceptionally caring. At three she was found to have taken me off the bed and was cuddling me with her blanket. It can’t be proven, but I think she dropped me on my head in the transition. That would explain a lot, anyway.
Our lives followed distinct paths, but merged when I was diagnosed with a mental illness and she became a psychiatric nurse. Now, in addition to being my sister-friend, she helps me monitor my moods and meds, advocates for me in the often complex world of mental health care, and encourages me in my walk with Christ.
Perhaps the greatest thing I can say about April is I have made her my medical power of attorney. I literally trust her with my life and death.

Jen Anne (Johnston) Riddle and I met in April 2009 while I was visiting my sister in Boston.  Jen was my sister’s roommate.  I was there to see my sister run in the Boston Marathon.  They were part of an intentional Christian community and I was the lucky man who had brother privileges. I stayed in an empty room next to Jen’s room. About a year later, we struck up daily phone conversations that led me to two more Boston trips for long weekends of dating around the city. Our first kiss was in a public park in Salem, Massachusetts. You may say I was bewitched.

She had courageously left Boston to live close to me in Columbus, IN in August 2010.  She was able to transfer Masters of Divinity credits to Christian Theological Seminary and continue her career working with children with autism.

In 2012, I proposed to Jen in a labyrinth in Bloomington, IN.  My youngest sister secretly hid behind bushes about 100 feet away and took pictures. Jen left the labyrinth with a ring on her finger.
The picture above was taken in October 2017 during our 5 year wedding anniversary trip.  The labyrinth is carved into a gentle sloping hill at Kent University in Canterbury, England.  In the background is the Canterbury Cathedral.
Jen is now an elder at The Living Room church in Columbus, IN.  She continues to serve children with autism. She is very good at what she does, including being an incredible wife.

Editing Breathing

Saturday was a busy day-  easily my second most anxious day in the studio since we started.  We were juggling recording the intro/outro on episode 1, as well as completing a few more loops.  Earlier that morning, I woke up at 7 AM to begin editing our Marie Henning interview.  Editing can be an obsessive activity.  I knew it was getting bad when I was analyzing keeping or editing my breathing.

Its a good problem to have…. an engaging interview with many questions asked and intimate responses.  The lesson in agonizing over editing to get to the 45 minute goal is…. just breathe.  It’s a lesson I’ll remember as I continue on podcast production strategy. Read More

Revealing Progress

Another Monday night. I take my son to soccer practice and have 90 minutes to drive to Tony’s, get some collaborative work done, and then head back. Tony has had prolonged sickness, like many of our fellow Hoosiers this winter. I played bits from the episode I’m nearly done editing. I have probably put at least 6 hours into the editing process.

After watching the Garageband Podcasting Essentials video, I have become proficient in the editing. I do plan to watch the video again before I dive back into episode 2 editing.  My biggest editing frustration is not being able to listen to it at 1.5x speed. Read More