Season 1

Episode 21 – Season 1 Finale!

Highlights from guest interviews and whimsical outtakes from the year bookend this episode.  Tony and Eric share their highs and lows from the season, as wells as hopes for the future of the podcast.

We thank all of our listeners for your support over the course of 2018.  Look for season 2 to start in March 2019.

As we have asked each of our guests, we also encourage you to consider, “What does healing mean to you?”

Episode 20 – Dr. Susan Lockwood, Author Ready for Book Release

Dr. Susan Lockwood, author of “Kicked to the Curb: Where Policy has Failed our Most Vulnerable Youth and the Fight for a Better Tomorrow,” discusses her new book scheduled for release in December 2018.

She is the former Director of Juvenile Education at the Indiana Department of Correction, where she retired after 17 years as a special education teacher and state-wide school administrator.

Currently, she is the owner of Nexus Point Consulting, LLC, specializing in correctional education and workforce development, and the Director of Education Strategy for American Prison Data Systems, PBC.

Topics include:

How does she advocate for change in the criminal justice system?

Why did she choose “Kicked to the Curb” as the title to her book?

What is her experience of the integration of mental healthcare in the prison system?

What is an example of hope and resilience?

What does healing mean to you?


Indiana Persimmon Pudding Recipe

The Stability Network – Eric is a member of this professional organization that empowering people to share their stories of living successfully with a mental health diagnoses

Nexus Point Consulting – Susan Lockwood’s consulting business. You can contact Susan through this website

Next Episode:

Season Finale!  Tony and Eric discuss the highs and lows of season 1, share some of the bloopers, and discuss their growing confidence as a podcasting duo.

Episode 19 – Live from the Heartland

Tony and Eric were keynote speakers at the Heartland: Best Practices for Ministries Conference . This episode is a live recording from the event.  The focus is on development of the Faithful Friends Mental Health Ministry and the Revealing Voices podcast.

The keynote address was given on October 10, World Mental Health Day.

This is our first podcast release not in our standard 45 minute format.

Next Episode:

We will be back in studio E for Episode 20 with Dr. Susan Lockwood. Her book, “Kicked to the Curb”, focuses on youth in the criminal justice system. It will be released on December 4.

Episode 18 – Brandon “Beauty in the Wreckage” Andress

Author, Blogger, and Podcast host Brandon Andress joins us in studio.  Brandon’s new book, “Beauty in the Wreckage: Finding Peace in the Age of Outrage”, focuses on the redemption of suffering.  Listen for Brandon’s humility as he shares his personal stories of finding gratitude, healing, and community in some of life’s most difficult moments.

Brandon is also author of “Unearthed: How Discovering the Kingdom of God Will Transform the Church and Change the World” (2010) and the tongue-in-cheek “And Then The End Will Come” (2013).

Some topics include:

How do we transform our suffering?

How did the grief he experienced during writing impact the book?

How do spiritual disciplines lead to healing?

What does healing mean to you?


Video Introduction to “Beauty in the Wreckage”

“Beauty in the Wreckage: Finding Peace in the Age of Outrage” main website

Brandon Andress Personal Website

Brandon’s Outside The Walls Podcast

Next Episode:

Tony and Eric live recording at the Heartland 2018 Best Practices Conference

Episode 17- Bob Mills, President of

Want to join a consortium of 12,000 mental health advocates?  Listen to Bob Mills, Founder of Minds Renewed, discuss the mission of his ambitious organization.  The goal of the organization is to become the most valuable web platform for evaluating, curating, and communicating the best mental health information on the web.

The origins began in 2001 in a mental health ministry that Bob started at 1st Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Bob’s desire to honor God through serving the suffering grew out of his own experience with bouts of depression and bipolar disorder.

Some topics include:

What is the leadership structure of his mental health group ministry?

What has led to the growth of Minds Renewed?

What are some good models that he has identified through his networking?

What does healing mean to you?


Mental Health Grace Alliance – ministry that provides mental health resources for families and individuals suffering with mental health struggles

Fresh Hope for Mental Health – Pastor Brad Hoefs is a podcast host and developer of a mental health group ministry model

The Stability Network – Mental health advocacy organization that helps employers, communities, and the public recognize that people with mental health conditions are their friends, neighbors and colleagues who canand dolead successful lives.

Episode 16 – Waking Up with Chris Cole

Author and Mental Health Podcast Host of “Waking Up Bipolar”, Chris Cole, walks us through his vision of a more person-centered, holistic, compassionate mental healthcare system.  Chris re-appropriates language to describe mental illness. For example, he describes his personal journey with “bipolar order”. His podcast focuses on the intersection of bipolar disorder and spiritual awakening.

Chris’s podcast, blog, and Cole Coaching website is  There are multiple references in the episode to his blog post Re-appropriating Bipolar Beyond Pathology.

Some of the topics covered in the show include:

What is his life experience with “Bipolar Order”?

How can the mental healthcare system care for individuals suffering with severe mental illness?

Who are some of the best coaches in his life?

What does healing mean to you?


Chris Cole’s book: The Body of Chris: A Memoir of Obsession, Addiction, and Madness

Podcast Facebook Page: Waking Up Bipolar (with video editions of his podcast)

Tony and Eric will be key note speakers at Best Practices for Ministry: Heartland 2018. If you live near Columbus, IN please consider joining us on Wednesday, October 10 at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

Next Episode:

Bob Mills, President and CEO of Minds Renewed

Episode 15 – Laura Pogliano, Caring for the Caregivers

Leader of a Facebook group with nearly 20,000 members, Laura Pogliano has the unique experience of professionally working with Johns Hopkins and personally serving her son who suffered from mental illness. Laura shares her passion for advocacy, putting it into the context of a social justice movement.

Laura’s Facebook group is Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses.

Laura’s Non-profit is

Some of the topics include:

How does her non-profit help caregivers?

How has the church shaped her family’s life experience?

What are drawbacks of the “Recovery Model” in mental healthcare system?

How does HIPAA impact families?

What does healing mean to you?

Show notes:

Lars and the Real Girl

Treatment Advocacy Center of Virginia

Video of Laura at John’s Hopkins

Next Show:

Chris Cole, Podcast Host of “Waking Up Bipolar


Episode 14 – Faithful Friends, Kim and Diana

Faithful Friends mental health wellness ministry model is the focus. Kim Graves and Diana Starkey, who lead the weekly ministry with Tony and Eric, help model the typical flow of the group.

Below is the format of the 7:00 – 8:30 PM ministry hosted every Tuesday night at The Living Room in Columbus, IN:

Opening Prayer | Announcements | Foundational Scripture | Introductions | Guidelines | Scripture | Accountability Check | Wellness Topic | Minute of Gratitude | Sharing | Closing Prayer

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry model, please reach out to Eric ( or Tony (

Faithful Friends has met every Tuesday since starting in November 2014.


Episode 13 – Robert Vore, Podcast Pioneer

Christianity and Mental Health’s intersection is the defining characteristic of Robert’s Vore’s podcast, CXMH. The podcast, started in January 2017, released its 45th episode this week. Robert had taken a “Podternity” leave while enjoying life as a first time father this year, but will be launching season 3 this fall.

On this episode, Robert discusses balancing the podcast with a new career in mental health counseling. He finished graduate school in July!

Some of the topics include:

What was the tipping point that led Robert to focus on mental health?

When did he decide to self disclose his own diagnosis? What impact did it have?

What vision does he have for his personal counseling career?

What is his perspective on the peer recovery movement?

What does healing mean to you?

Ways to reach Robert:

CXMH Podcast website

Robert Vote on Facebook

Robert Vore on Twitter

Donate to Robert through Patreon

  • Join Patreon to become a CXMH Facebook community member

Next Episode: Diana Starkey and Kim Grave join Tony and Eric in studio to discuss the Faithful Friends Mental Health Wellness ministry

Episode 12 – Eric Riddle on Service

Eric Riddle discusses his book, “Watershed: Service in the Wake of Disaster”. Learn what Watershed Philanthropy means to Eric.

We hope you enjoy a little “behind the scenes” listening in this unedited episode!

With summer coming to an end, we will be transitioning back into an interview format for Episode 13.  We will welcome Robert Vore, podcast host of the CXMH podcast. We are excited to learn more about Robert’s evolving ministry at the intersection of faith and mental health.