Month: January 2019

Tony’s Big Announcement

I don’t make a habit of fraternizing with our Revealing Voices guests, but I made an exception with Susan Lockwood from Episode 20. Not only did we fraternize, but we started dating regularly, became engaged, and on December 20, 2018, got married.

Some might look at my diagnosis and claim that I swept Susan off her feet in a case of mass mania. But it wasn’t that way at all. We are in our mid-50s. We have been single for 7 years and have grown quite confident in our solitude. We don’t desperately need each other to be complete. Instead, we have the desire to share our lives together to enrich them and bring glory to God.

What will this mean for Revealing Voices? On the whole, I believe it will greatly enhance our show. Susan is passionate in the field of correctional education and networks with many persons who overlap with mental health ministry. With her, we can make connections with potential guests who know mental illness inside and out.

Yet, in a few practical ways it will change the nature in which I prepare the program. I will not likely pull all-nighters and send Eric dozens of emails about ways to improve the show. Hopefully, I will also not get lost in a depressive haze where I find it difficult to engage with guests, brainstorm new possibilities, even commit to a date on the calendar.

For some time, I have found great joy delighting in the Lord. Now I am receiving the desires of my heart. I pray my voice of praise inspire others to reveal their own as they wrestle with mental health disorders.

New Home for Studio E

Over the Christmas break, Tony and I moved the podcast equipment from his basement to my basement. Tony is preparing for a move and my Man Cave had plenty of space for the studio.

The episodes will no longer have Briley’s paws striding across the wooden floor. However, at my house, we may get random outbursts from my teenagers.

In other news, Tony and I have decided to change the normal episode frequency to once per month. They will remain primarily interview driven and may be extended to up to an hour long. This will give us more time to also try a second format called “Healing Stories”.

Two of the main reasons for the changes:

  1. Healing Stories releases will be under 15 minutes. This is a benefit to our listeners who prefer shorter podcasts
  2. We will have more time for production between episodes and flexibility to release Healing Stories when we identify people who want to share in this new format

The shorter podcasts will be released in the same feed as our normal episodes, but will not be released on a normal schedule.

We will be writing more about our new Healing Stories concept in a blog update later this month.