Month: August 2022

Episode 51 – Kathy Day, An Advocate’s Advocate

Tony Roberts and co-host, Laura Pogliano, talk with Kathy Day, MPA. Kathy is currently the caregiver, advocate, and conservator for her family member who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2010. She is active in local, state, and national advocacy to promote the need for family involvement for their loved ones’ mental healthcare. Her experience in advocacy and the personal experience in navigating the system of mental healthcare gives her a unique perspective on the challenges families encounter when searching for resources for their loved ones.

In September of 2021, Kathy joined the team at the Treatment Advocacy Center as the senior family liaison. In this role, Kathy locates resources for families across the country to assist and coach them to find help for their family members.

Kathy co-manages Facebook support pages and writes a blog about her experiences navigating the system of care. It’s called Broken and you can find it here:

New Blood in the Hood: The Season 5 Trailer

While Eric pours himself into saving the planet one pollinator plant at a time, Revealing Voices goes global with top-drawer advocates for co-hosts, a new sound engineer and guests that continue to explore what healing means in the context of caring for those impacted brain illnesses. In this trailer, Kevin Earley, Laura Pogliano, and I explore what lies ahead with episodes on Advocacy, Faith, Trauma and Art.