Month: August 2019

Healing Story 2 – Paul Currington

Paul Currington is a storyteller and former comic. He hosts and produces one of Seattle’s longest-running storytelling shows Fresh Ground Stories. As a member of The Stability Network, he uses stories and humor to help people talk about mental illness

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Episode 27 – Restoration and Advocacy with Deborah Geesling

Deborah Geesling, founder of P82 Project Restoration, has a heart for those with serious mental illness. Her family experience has given insight into the serious gaps in the mental health system.

As her advocacy developed, she readily identified housing as being one of the top barriers to obtaining a life with dignity. P82 Project Restoration is an organization created to fulfill the dream of opening a Christ centered home for people who suffer with chronic mental illness.

Her advocacy work has led her to speak at conferences, testify on government panels, and be mentioned in a number of publications.

Tony knows her personally through the Advocates for People with Mental Illness Facebook group.

Topics include:

How has her son’s mental illness impacted her faith development?

How did her advocacy develop?

What is the mission of P82 Project Restoration?

What does healing mean to you?


P82 Project Restoration – Deborah’s organization

Clearing in the Distance by Witold Rybczynski – book Eric mentioned about landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted

Advocates for People with Mental Illness Facebook group – Tony and Deborah participate in this active conversation