Month: December 2022

2022 Year-End Message: Memories and Hopes

Memory and Hope can be two healing agents of faith to be used as resources for personal, social, even spiritual improvement. As we remember the events surrounding the broken system that contributed to the end of Mark Rippee’s life this year, let’s not fall victim to bitterness or futile rage. Instead let us rally around the hope of all those who cared for him and still care not to let his memory die.

A Holiday Gift from Kevin “Earleybird” Earley and a Tribute to Mark Rippee

This year Revealing Voices branched out to promote advocacy for those with brain illnesses and other mental health conditions. The response was tremendous as we grew in listenership and made a large impact not only in the advocacy community but also in the world at large; We hope to continue the momentum we’ve established this year as we explore Faith and Art in 2023.

As our holiday gift to you, we would like to present you with a video from our sound producer Kevin “Earleybrid” Earley of his latest song “Love.” We also are providing you with this link to a tribute playlist for James Mark Rippee. Mark lived as best he could and died as a result of untreated, severe mental illness, traumatic brain injury and homelessness. And to his “twisted twin” sisters Catherine and Linda who loved him to the end. May you have hope in a better life beyond this life of woe.