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Host Tony Roberts and guest co-hosts invite people with brain illnesses along with those who care for them to discuss the role of mental healthcare and faith in improving wellness.

We are motivated by sparking intimate dialogue to the question, “What does healing mean to you?

Episode 67 – Hope for Troubled Minds Contributors

On this episode of Revealing Voices, we feature contributors to Hope for Troubled Minds. Born in Kentucky, Janet Coburn now lives in Ohio with her husband of over 40 years, Dan Reily. She also lives with bipolar 2 disorder. Janet loves reading and country music. Dan loves gardening and archaeology. Together they love travel, science fiction,...

Episode 66 – Vachel Hudson, Mental Health Matters

In this episode, Tony is back in Columbus and takes the opportunity to team up with Eric in Studio E to interview Vachel Hudson, a mental health leader in the community. Vachel Hudson is the Project Manager for the Mental Health Matters initiative in Bartholomew County, Indiana. He works for Columbus Regional Health, leading the community-wide...

Episode 65 – Vulnerability, Tattoos and Films

Co-Director and editor Erik Ewers has worked with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns for more than 30 years, including nearly all of his single and multi-episodic films. He currently serves as co-director and editor of Ewers Brothers Productions, a preferred collaborative company in the co-creation of Ken’s films.  He and his brother Chris co-directed Hiding in Plain Sight:...

Episode 64 – Riddle Letters

Jen and Eric Riddle pay tribute to one another by reading their letters from Hope for Troubled Minds. Hope for Troubled Minds is a trove of tributes, collected to celebrate the lives, legacy, and strength of those who lead brave lives in the face of brain disorders and mental illness. These are testimonies and shout-outs to...

Episode 63 – Yanerry

My name is Yanerry and I’m a mental health/sexual assault advocate. I’m currently working on a college curriculum that includes the documentary that I was featured in, Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness. The team I’m working with is a part of the organization Work2BeWell. You can find me by Instagram @Yan.erry. 

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