Month: January 2018

The Fruits of Labor

Over 5 months ago, Eric and I took a walk down a gravel road past my church. We talked of life, God, psych hospitals, Faithful Friends, smoothies. Somewhere between the dust of our steps and the breeze around us, the Spirit stirred us and an idea was conceived. A podcast.

5 months later. Last night. January 25, 2018. We birthed a 5 minute 30 second trailer for Revealing Voices. It goes something like this:

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Out of the Silence, Like Prayers

Today we recorded our first interview! April (Tony’s sister) and Jen (my wife) joined Tony and me in our new studio- made official with the addition of a new IKEA conference table. The recording sounds excellent.  We had a scare after taking an intermission, but thanks to power of the “Undo”, recovered the recording.

Earlier in the week, Tony and I decided that the standard question we will ask all guests is “What does healing mean to you?”  The question worked really well today and generated great discussion that rippled throughout the interview.  I’m really satisfied with that question because it is a strong connecting point between faith and mental healthcare communities.  From my perspective, the faith and mental healthcare communities are the primary healing elements of society.  A goal of the podcast is to help bridge the conflict and misunderstanding that exists between these two areas. Read More

Blubrry & HostGator: Podcast & Website Hosts for Revealing Voices

Last night was a tense, yet overall productive evening. Eric came over to the studio and we tried to evaluate which was a better podcast host – Blubrry or Libsyn. While Libsyn seemed to be a little cheaper, it did not appear to have the same flexibility or quality of service. So, we purchased a package with Blubrry (2 years, I think).

The next thing to do was find a web hosting service. Mike from Blubrry recommended several possibilities. PC Magazine ranked HostGator as one of their Editor’s Choice. It seemed to be the best bang for our buck, so we called them with the intent on purchasing a plan, setting it up with WordPress, then migrating our Blogger site to our new website. We got a 3-year plan.

That’s when things got  complicated. Read More

Lynda, I Want You

I want Lynda.  I’ve heard her name mentioned before, but never taken a keen interest in getting to know her.  But after doing a quick search yesterday, I found her and instantly fell in love.  The video preview spoke to me.  It’s been a tough couple weeks and I needed relief.  I’ll get back to Lynda later… Read More