Month: February 2018

Editing Breathing

Saturday was a busy day-  easily my second most anxious day in the studio since we started.  We were juggling recording the intro/outro on episode 1, as well as completing a few more loops.  Earlier that morning, I woke up at 7 AM to begin editing our Marie Henning interview.  Editing can be an obsessive activity.  I knew it was getting bad when I was analyzing keeping or editing my breathing.

Its a good problem to have…. an engaging interview with many questions asked and intimate responses.  The lesson in agonizing over editing to get to the 45 minute goal is…. just breathe.  It’s a lesson I’ll remember as I continue on podcast production strategy. Read More

Revealing Progress

Another Monday night. I take my son to soccer practice and have 90 minutes to drive to Tony’s, get some collaborative work done, and then head back. Tony has had prolonged sickness, like many of our fellow Hoosiers this winter. I played bits from the episode I’m nearly done editing. I have probably put at least 6 hours into the editing process.

After watching the Garageband Podcasting Essentials video, I have become proficient in the editing. I do plan to watch the video again before I dive back into episode 2 editing.  My biggest editing frustration is not being able to listen to it at 1.5x speed. Read More

3 weeks away….

Precisely three weeks from today we launch our debut. Eric is currently working on the final edits of our pilot episode. He shared with me it is hard to cut anything out of such a quality interview. I agree, but think especially for our first show, we need to establish a reasonably firm time parameter at 45 minutes.

As Eric edits, I am busy with a number of tasks. Composing a “For Further Help” page, drafting an outline of “The Making of Revealing Voices,” proposing some ideal WordPress themes for podcasting, and investigating some Facebook ad campaigns. Finally, I’ve been crafting questions to ask our first three guests: Marie Henning, Katie Dale, and Amy Simpson.

Some of the questions I have come up with so far include:
Read More

0 – Revealing Voices Trailer

Episode 1 is less than a month away.  In this release, Tony and Eric share a brief story of how they met in 2014 and what led them to the brink of Revealing Voices.  There is also a sneak peak of what to look forward to in future episodes.

Behind the scenes blog posts of the podcast creation  are at

All music in the release was produced by Tre Scott. Cover Photo produced by Ruby Reese Photography.

Less Than 1 Month Before Launch!

Every other Saturday is my primary work day on the podcast.  I probably total around 10 hours per week now. It is enough to keep us on schedule. has been very helpful. With my 1 month free subscription, I am also learning about WordPress, which will expand on the podcast content.

I do have my excited moments when I fantasize about my personal journal, Tony’s writing, and our blog posts being crafted into a book.  As with my previous book, it would be partly personal journey, partly a how to manual (about starting a podcast), and partly a journey into mental health advocacy. Read More

Cheers to Amy from Ruby Reese Photography

Tony and I want to thank Amy from Ruby Reese Photography for her time and talent.  We really appreciate the images and had a great selection from which to choose our logo. Below are just a few examples.

Indiana friends, click the link to reach out to Amy and schedule a professional photography consultation.