Revealing Progress

Another Monday night. I take my son to soccer practice and have 90 minutes to drive to Tony’s, get some collaborative work done, and then head back. Tony has had prolonged sickness, like many of our fellow Hoosiers this winter. I played bits from the episode I’m nearly done editing. I have probably put at least 6 hours into the editing process.

After watching the Garageband Podcasting Essentials video, I have become proficient in the editing. I do plan to watch the video again before I dive back into episode 2 editing.  My biggest editing frustration is not being able to listen to it at 1.5x speed. Read More

Less Than 1 Month Before Launch!

Every other Saturday is my primary work day on the podcast.  I probably total around 10 hours per week now. It is enough to keep us on schedule. has been very helpful. With my 1 month free subscription, I am also learning about WordPress, which will expand on the podcast content.

I do have my excited moments when I fantasize about my personal journal, Tony’s writing, and our blog posts being crafted into a book.  As with my previous book, it would be partly personal journey, partly a how to manual (about starting a podcast), and partly a journey into mental health advocacy. Read More

Lynda, I Want You

I want Lynda.  I’ve heard her name mentioned before, but never taken a keen interest in getting to know her.  But after doing a quick search yesterday, I found her and instantly fell in love.  The video preview spoke to me.  It’s been a tough couple weeks and I needed relief.  I’ll get back to Lynda later… Read More