3 weeks away….

Precisely three weeks from today we launch our debut. Eric is currently working on the final edits of our pilot episode. He shared with me it is hard to cut anything out of such a quality interview. I agree, but think especially for our first show, we need to establish a reasonably firm time parameter at 45 minutes.

As Eric edits, I am busy with a number of tasks. Composing a “For Further Help” page, drafting an outline of “The Making of Revealing Voices,” proposing some ideal WordPress themes for podcasting, and investigating some Facebook ad campaigns. Finally, I’ve been crafting questions to ask our first three guests: Marie Henning, Katie Dale, and Amy Simpson.

Some of the questions I have come up with so far include:

For Marie…

In what ways do you deal with mental health issues at your workplace?

Do see any qualitative improvement in workplace attitudes towards persons with mental illness?

If someone were to confidentially ask you of they should reveal their mental illness, what would you say?

For Katie…

Tell us about someone who first inspired you in your faith journey.

How has mental illness impacted your faith?

You say you discovered direct contact with God through prayer. How would you respond to someone who said that was just a religious delusion?

For Amy…

What is unsatisfaction and in what way is it blessed?

You’ve been open about your mother’s schizophrenia. I know as a parent with a mental illness how it can be like a series of losses. {ask Amy to read.} How does loss and longing contribute to the blessing of unsatisfaction?

I’m also going to allow ample room for her to discuss practical ways to live the unsatisfied life, hopefully conversing with stories and quotes mixed in.

Three weeks and counting. Will we be ready? Lord willing, we will.

– written by Tony Roberts

About the Author
Co-creator of Revealing Voices and resident spiritual poet for the podcast, Eric advocates for the development of better mental health through art and environmental stewardship.