Lynda, I Want You

I want Lynda.  I’ve heard her name mentioned before, but never taken a keen interest in getting to know her.  But after doing a quick search yesterday, I found her and instantly fell in love.  The video preview spoke to me.  It’s been a tough couple weeks and I needed relief.  I’ll get back to Lynda later…

After Tony and I struggled two weeks ago with our new Zoom toy, we had much more success this past weekend.  Tony was feeling anxious and immediately alerted me that I would need to be lead.  We were helped by the new Ninja Pro smoothie maker that I just purchased. Smoothies will be a source of much joy for us.

Smoothie in hand, I immediately dug into Blubrry as our podcasting host.  I took the 30 day free trial and claimed our WordPress site:  We stalled at finding a way to link that page to our primary domain at  Not wanting to get into another Zoom focus fiasco, I left that issue for another day and moved on to Ecamm.  It was easy to set up. We initially were only going to get it for Skype, but I opted for the bundle adder with Facetime. It totaled $60.  The reason was to have flexibility if we have an interview with someone who prefers Facetime.

After Ecamm, Tony and I recorded a quick interview between the 2 of us. I saved the file and moved the audio onto Garageband.   I also saved Tracy’s music recordings and moved to Garageband.  Finally, I added a brief recording we did through Zoom in the studio. Voila! All 3 audio files seamlessly linked together and our sample was complete.  This will never be made available to the public. It is non sequitur goobledigook.

Five hours later, we made as much progress as could be expected on a Saturday afternoon.  However, Tony did not feel well. The man looked like he had been run over by a techno train.  As I parted, I left him with the words, “Your job is to have questions, not answers.”  It was meant to be encouraging, but I think he wasn’t even sure what questions to be asking yet.  I know how that feels.

When I called him on Sunday evening, he said he had slept all but a couple of hours since we parted.  I reassured him that I am not expecting him to know answers right now and we dug in a bit to action items. He would call Blubrry in the morning and discuss hosting and integration of our domain with WordPress.  He would also get Skype on the Mac. Bill Murray baby steps.

As we ended the conversation, I mentioned that my big need was learning how to optimize Garageband for podcast creation. I got off phone, and googled it. That is when I met Lynda.

– Eric Riddle

About the Author
Co-creator of Revealing Voices and resident spiritual poet for the podcast, Eric advocates for the development of better mental health through art and environmental stewardship.