Blubrry & HostGator: Podcast & Website Hosts for Revealing Voices

Last night was a tense, yet overall productive evening. Eric came over to the studio and we tried to evaluate which was a better podcast host – Blubrry or Libsyn. While Libsyn seemed to be a little cheaper, it did not appear to have the same flexibility or quality of service. So, we purchased a package with Blubrry (2 years, I think).

The next thing to do was find a web hosting service. Mike from Blubrry recommended several possibilities. PC Magazine ranked HostGator as one of their Editor’s Choice. It seemed to be the best bang for our buck, so we called them with the intent on purchasing a plan, setting it up with WordPress, then migrating our Blogger site to our new website. We got a 3-year plan.

That’s when things got  complicated.

The first customer rep sold us a package the second customer rep didn’t think would serve us well. So, he changed our plan and refunded us the original sum.

At this point, I’m not sure what happened. Eric was getting frustrated. I was shutting down. Eric decided to equip me with necessary info and leave for home. I tried to work things through with this rep, to no avail. I had a splitting headache, so I decided to call it a night.

This morning (maybe 3 a.m.), I felt refreshed. Eric had texted me the password, so I called HostGator. Within a period of less than an hour, badda bing, badda boom, I was up and running. Yippee!

This afternoon Ann Hart is going to interview me via Face Time. I hope I can figure out the equipment. Next Saturday, we will sit down with Jen & April and, as I envision it, interview them about us. This could be the Pilot episode, though if it turns out really good, I’m going to want to use it.

I’m much more relaxed at our progress to this point. We could record now, if we needed to and, once we put the WordPress plug-in onto our website, it will automatically upload. We can now focus on our trailer. Now is also a good time to start contacting potential interviewees.

+     +     +

Thanks, God, for soothing our nerves and giving us patient and knowledgable people to help us through a confusing process. Thanks also for the financial support of our contributors who given us the resources to create a quality blog.

– written by Tony Roberts.


About the Author
After graduating from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (LPTS), Tony served over 18 years in pastoral ministry while battling bipolar disorder. He now is a Mental Health Minister serving as Chief Shepherd for Delight in Disorder Ministries. He has written two books — Delight in Disorder and When Despair Meets Delight.