Our guest on this episode is Amy Simpson. Amy is an author, speaker, and life & leadership coach who is one of the leading Christian advocates for persons with mental illness. Her award-winning book Troubled Minds: Mental Illness an the Church’s Mission has opened many sanctuary doors to a topic largely concealed.
Listen to this interview and learn how Amy is “a gently blazing fire” of mental health advocacy.
We explore Amy’s latest book, Blessed Are the Unsatisfied: Finding Spiritual Freedom in an Imperfect World (InterVarsity Press, 2018). The book is born in large part out of her own family experience where faith and mental illness are intricately related. She then goes on to explore such crucial and, at times, excruciating questions such as:
Does Jesus really want us to be satisfied in this life?
What is her perspective on the prosperity gospel?
How does addiction relate to spiritual dissatisfaction?
How can we cultivate an unsatisfied life?
What does healing mean to you?
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About the Author
After graduating from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (LPTS), Tony served over 18 years in pastoral ministry while battling bipolar disorder. He now is a Mental Health Minister serving as Chief Shepherd for Delight in Disorder Ministries. He has written two books — Delight in Disorder and When Despair Meets Delight.

6 comments on Episode 2 – Amy Simpson is Unsatisfied

  1. Tom Vandergriff says:

    I tried to comment as a review, but could only get the page to take my 5 star rating of your show. Be that as it may, I loved the Amy Simpson episode (5 stars worth). I was particulary interested in the comments on happiness. I think often people use this language of happiness but what they really mean is wholeness. When I press people on what they mean when they say they want to be happy, they give a much broader definition than something akin to “experiencing joy.” What they mean is happiness as wholeness, meaning, purpose, peace, acceptance, balance, and so much more. Her comments on happiness not being the aim is spot on, but I do think happiness as people use it (i.e. meaning “wholeness”) just might be the aim. As for me and my language, I think I’ll encourage in myself and in others the use of the word “wholeness” instead of happiness. I would have loved to have been able to call in and chat about it with your guest. It’s a wonderful podcast offering a message people of faith would do well to hear. Thank you both!

    1. Tony Roberts says:

      Yes, Amy is a very insightful and articulate guest. I see your point about people not so much seeking happiness so much as wholeness, meaning, purpose. As a life & leadership coach, I believe she aims to people clarify their mission to realize this. Yet, she also says her goal in living an “unsatisfied life” is to give up the misguided pursuit of satisfaction to better accept the past, appreciate the present, and eagerly look forward to a better life with Christ.

  2. Leanne Sype says:

    I love Amy’s distinction between dissatisfaction and unsatisfaction. She said unsatisfaction, expecting and understanding that we won’t be satisfied, leaves an open space for anticipation and hope. This was a moving notion for me and has me looking at some things in my life very differently and with peace. Fabulous interview on many levels. Thanks!

    1. Tony Roberts says:

      Amy is a great guest to interview, particularly for the passionate Christian love she has for ministry and those with mental illness. Like you, I was moved by her insight and I’m having to re-orient myself to new ways of thinking.

  3. Katie Dale says:

    Tony, Eric, Amy – what an insightful interview. I am so excited to hear Amy explain those points on mental illness, and how she articulates her love for the church despite the church’s shortcomings to grasp the healing process and understand suffering biblically. She is a game changer. My eyes were especially opened to the reference to Phil. 4:13 – never heard it as “I can do all this through Christ…” -I wish I’d heard this insight long ago. I’m learning so much every time Amy speaks. I was blessed by this podcast.

    1. Tony Roberts says:

      We were likewise blessed to have Amy join us on the show. In fact, God is leading us to all kinds of persons with powerful testimonies who are game changers in mental health advocacy. 😉

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