Episode 22 – Into the Wilderness with Amie Carey

Welcome to Season 2 of Revealing Voices!

Amie Carey is a mother of 3 from NYC who is passionate about changing the conversation around child and adolescent mental health.  She has been an advocate for families in crisis for about 5 years. Amie wrote a blog about her family’s experience which then morphed into a podcast called “A Girl I Know” to share her story with a broader audience. 

Her oldest daughter, Violet, has struggled with behavioral challenges from a very young age.  It has changed her perspective on children, mental health, and stigma.

The decision for Violet to participate in wilderness therapy and the impact it has had on the family is the focus of the episode.

Topics include:

Describe the experience of wilderness therapy for adolescents.

How did family and friends respond to decision for Violet to participate in this form of therapy?

What changes has Amie witnessed in Violet after her wilderness experience?

Why did Amie decide to start a podcast?

How was the decision made with Violet to share the family’s story publically?

What does healing mean to you?


NATSAP – National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Second Nature Wilderness Family Therapy

“The Journey of the Heroic Parent” book by Brady M. Reedy. One of Amie’s favorite books on parenting.

“On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft” by Stephen King. Mentioned as an excellent book about creativity

Next Episode: Kevin Moore, Director of State of Indiana’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA)