Season 3 Trailer

After a productive brainstorm on a cold January afternoon, Tony and Eric share updates about the upcoming season.

In the next month, we plan to gather listener feedback to choose relevant topics and help us craft questions for our guests.

For Tony’s Delight in Disorder subscribers, we are excited for you to hear the voice of the man whose writing you have grown to appreciate.

First episode will release on Thursday, March 5.

0 – Revealing Voices Trailer

Episode 1 is less than a month away.  In this release, Tony and Eric share a brief story of how they met in 2014 and what led them to the brink of Revealing Voices.  There is also a sneak peak of what to look forward to in future episodes.

Behind the scenes blog posts of the podcast creation  are at

All music in the release was produced by Tre Scott. Cover Photo produced by Ruby Reese Photography.

The Fruits of Labor

Over 5 months ago, Eric and I took a walk down a gravel road past my church. We talked of life, God, psych hospitals, Faithful Friends, smoothies. Somewhere between the dust of our steps and the breeze around us, the Spirit stirred us and an idea was conceived. A podcast.

5 months later. Last night. January 25, 2018. We birthed a 5 minute 30 second trailer for Revealing Voices. It goes something like this:

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