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Episode 8 – Kelcey Rockhold Rocks!

On this episode, we interview Kelcey Rockhold. She is an Oregon native, currently living in the Arizona desert with her family. Kelcey works as a freelance editor, and when she isn’t blogging, baking, or laughing at “The Office,” she can usually be found connecting with others in conversation (usually over coffee and pastries.)

We talk with Kelcey about her experience with intensive psychiatric treatment, recovering from an eating disorder, and finding the hope of Christ through faith, family, and freedom from the cultural disorders around body image.
Some of the topics include:

What is the experience like going through different diagnoses in a short period of time?

What was the impact of being keynote speaker at “Shattering Stigma with Stories” Conference in 2014?

How did your pregnancy impact your mental health?

What is intuitive eating and how has nutrition impacted your mental health?

What does healing mean to you?

Kelcey’s work can be found at Writings from the Raven’s Desk: A Journey of Healing and Hope.

Kelcey is on Instagram: @Awayinthewild

As always, you can find much more at