Episode 25 – Cam Stout of The Stability Network

Cameron has been an attorney since 1984. Cam is on the other side of the abyss of a major depressive episode in 2013, feeling better in many ways than he ever has. The Founder and CEO of Stout Heart, Inc., a 501c3, Cam speaks publicly to students, professionals, church congregations, and other groups about his resilient recovery from severe depression, and his seven years of sobriety.

Cam’s timely message is simple and powerful: Mental health conditions are just that, health conditions, not weaknesses. They are not our fault, and there is tremendous hope for ongoing recovery and effective management of these challenges.

Cam discusses ways to identify and address mental health and addiction issues in the workplace, in schools and in places of worship.

Cam is married and a very proud father of two adult children.

Topics include:

What was his experience growing up with a father who was alcoholic?

What role has Stout Heart, Inc in supporting other lawyers and students?

Forming “SEAL” teams- Supportive, Energizing, and Loving- to help maintain mental health

Describes how Electoconvulsive Therapy (ECT) helped him through a time of severe depression

What does healing mean to you?


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Stout Heart, Inc. – Cam’s Non-Profit

The Stability Network – Mental health advocacy group where Cam and Eric met

Listening to Prozac – The landmark book about antidepressants and the remaking of the self (1997)

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Tony and I discuss responses they received from over 100 people to the question: “What Does Healing Mean to You?”

Episode 23 – Indiana DMHA Director, Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore is the Director of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA). He was appointed Director on January 1, 2012, and leads the public mental health and addiction treatment system.

He was appointed after serving as Assistant Director for DMHA for 2 years, directly supervising the operations at each of the state psychiatric hospitals as they integrated the values and goals of the recovery model.

Kevin worked 24 years with the Department of Correction in a variety of direct service and administrative positions.

Topics include:

How has his job changed since the opioid epidemic became a national problem?

How does he balance his twin responsibilities of supporting mental health and addiction treatment?

Is addiction a mental illness?

How do you bridge the divide between church and state in encouraging support from the faith community?

What does healing mean to you?

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Dawn Adams from Food 4 Souls ministry in Indianapolis, IN