Episode 48 – Origin Story & 2022 Transition

In this episode, Tony and Eric are in studio to discuss the roots of the podcast and future for the show. Revealing Voices will become a part of Tony’s Delight in Disorder Ministries – a new nonprofit dedicated to publishing content to educate and encourage those impacted by brain illnesses and other mental health conditions. A successful Indiegogo campaign will provide seed money to get the ministry underway. More details will follow about how you can invest in this vital effort.

After episode 50, Eric will be stepping back from co-hosting to devote more of his time and energy to environmental stewardship. In his place, we will have a series of co-hosts representing leaders and experts in the field of faith and mental health. Plans are underway to conduct a series on Advocacy, Trauma, and Mental Health & the Church.

About the Author
Co-creator of Revealing Voices and resident spiritual poet for the podcast, Eric advocates for the development of better mental health through art and environmental stewardship.