Episode 47 – Art of Invitation with Debbie Teike

Debbie Teike, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is the author of The Art of Invitation: Building enduring relationships · Connecting community.  Debbie has extensive experience working in long-term care, elder abuse and neglect, hospice care and congregational social work.  She grew up in Decatur, IL and graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (B.S. in Social Work) and Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work (M.S.W.)-St. Louis, MO.

The Art of Invitation is faith-based and scientifically grounded.  It embraces an understanding of human behavior, need, and connection centered in God’s grace, mercy, peace, and love for all people.  It provides remedies for the common human experiences of division, isolation, and lack of genuine connection.Debbie is married to her husband, Mark, and has three children, Erin (Jamie), David and Shanthi and two grandchildren, Eloise and Francis.

Some topic include:

How is Art of Invitation different from traditional understanding of hospitality?

How can you have an invitational communication style with someone you’ve known for a long time?

How can the Art of Invitation be taught in churches, businesses, and other settings?

What is a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)?

How can law enforcement be better equipped in deescalation techniques?

What does healing mean to you?  


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