Lousville Labyrinth

Today, Jen and I went to a labyrinth on the campus of the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary – where Tony earned his Master’s of Divinity degree.

It has brick sides with a grass path.  Freshly cut. Very large at 66’ diameter (picture was taken at entrance of labyrinth).

I knew that I wanted to walk with an intention, so I quickly decided to focus on the word “time.”  With the size of the labyrinth and the intention in place, I will say that it felt like easily the longest labyrinth walk of my life. That is good.

It tends to be cliché, but time is definitely the most precious commodity that we have. Reflection on time took me deep into my thoughts on values, prioritization, time allocation, and attention.  It also led me to question how I value other people’s time.

How I can commit to making my engaged time with others more valuable?

Thoughts on legacy even came up.  Legacy is connected to people recognizing an individual’s investment of time in a certain place, idea, people, etc. We control legacy only as far as we control our use of time.

When I asked Jen about her experience in the labyrinth, she said that she had “cleared space” in her mind.  It was an important time to be more mindful, something that she admittedly struggles to maintain.  There was no revelation for Jen, but hopefully the space that she experienced will be something that she can carry with her into a new chapter in her life.  She has decided to explore a career in paid ministry.




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Co-creator of Revealing Voices and resident spiritual poet for the podcast, Eric advocates for the development of better mental health through art and environmental stewardship.