Do You Hear What I Hear? (Tony)

This post marks the unveiling of a new mission. In March of 2018, a podcast will debut called, Revealing Voices: The Mental Health Podcast That Raises Unanswered Questions and Shares Unanswered Prayers. My co-host Eric Riddle and I share a firm faith in Christ and we both wrestle with a bipolar disorder.

Our show will include stories related to faith and mental illness, news and views in the media, podcast reviews, inspiring quotes and Scripture verses, as well as interviews with folks who have a mental illness, families and loved ones, church leaders, and mental health professionals.

Our goal in “Revealing Voices” is to offer hope and break down stigma. It is to reveal the voices of those often silenced. To give voice to revelations often hidden for fear of judgment. And to face honestly what is yet to be revealed to us.

Embarking on this mission has required much soul-searching and devotion on our part and we still wonder if we are up to the task. One thing is clear, we are not. But with God’s help and your prayers, Revealing Voices will move from our heads into a world where faith and mental illness have too long been divided at the expense of wounded souls like us.

About the Author
After graduating from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (LPTS), Tony served over 18 years in pastoral ministry while battling bipolar disorder. He now is a Mental Health Minister serving as Chief Shepherd for Delight in Disorder Ministries. He has written two books — Delight in Disorder and When Despair Meets Delight.