HAIKAST XV – Moon Phases

I wonder if our cultural understanding of heaven is associated with an ascension from the earth because humans for millennia were excited to...

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Episode 67 – Hope for Troubled Minds Contributors

On this episode of Revealing Voices, we feature contributors to Hope for Troubled Minds. Born in Kentucky, Janet Coburn now lives in Ohio with...

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Episode 66 – Vachel Hudson, Mental Health Matters

In this episode, Tony is back in Columbus and takes the opportunity to team up with Eric in Studio E to interview Vachel...

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HAIKAST XIV – Origin Story

I recently went on a search for my earliest recorded haiku from what I shall call the “Opening Era”.  That era began with...

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Episode 65 – Vulnerability, Tattoos and Films

Co-Director and editor Erik Ewers has worked with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns for more than 30 years, including nearly all of his single...

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I have a “life verse.”  Before adopting this so-called life verse, I always thought of people who said they had one as being...

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