Tony Roberts

Tony Roberts is a born and bred Hoosier. At the age of 13, he started having psychotic symptoms but by the grace of God and with the support of family and friends, he did not experience a debilitating episode until he was 30. He served in pastoral ministry over a dozen years after entering back into service. In 2008, the strain of having a serious mental illness while being a pastor at a conflictual church and fathering four children got the best of him and he accepted pension disability.

While still symptomatic, Tony is productive in mental health ministry. He has written two books — Delight in Disorder, and When Despair Meets Delight. When not writing, he likes to spend time with his wife Susan, create Spotify music playlists, and make video calls to his children. His vocational passion caring for those often considered “the least of them,” He is currently at work on a third book with the working title Hope for Troubled Minds: Love Letters Between Those with Brain Illnesses and Those Who Care for us.

Learn more about Tony in this episode below:

Episode 11- Tony Roberts on Writing

Tony Roberts discusses his book “Delight in Disorder”. We go deeper into Tony’s writing process and how writing has impacted his ministry. It is summer and we decided to record 2 unedited sessions. Enjoy a few more “umms” and “ahhs” and...

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