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Revealing Voices podcasts are released bi-weekly.  Expect episodes to be around 45 minutes. On most episodes, co-hosts Tony Roberts and Eric Riddle invite guests into their studio or record Skype conversations.   We are motivated by sparking intimate conversations with the question, “What does healing mean to you?”

Episode 10 – Art Therapy with Sister Maria

Today’s focus is art therapy. Eric’s sister, Maria Riddle, graduated in 2017 from the Master’s in Art Therapy program at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Maria discusses the process of integrating art into more traditional methods of therapy. – Some of the topics include: How has your art supported your personal...

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Episode 9 – Sarah Lund, Pastor and Author

Wanting to dialogue on the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, we interview Pastor Sarah Griffith Lund.  Sarah has been speaking publicly about the intersection of faith and mental wellness since releasing “Blessed are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness, Family and Church” (Chalice Press) in...

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Episode 8 – Kelcey Rockhold Rocks!

On this episode, we interview Kelcey Rockhold. She is an Oregon native, currently living in the Arizona desert with her family. Kelcey works as a freelance editor, and when she isn’t blogging, baking, or laughing at “The Office,” she can usually be found connecting with others in conversation (usually over...

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Episode 7 – Eric Riddle Revealed

On this episode, Tony interviews co-host, Eric Riddle.  In this interview, Eric and Tony discuss unconditional love, haiku, “bipolar order”, wearing a banana suit, Faithful Friends ministry, and many other topics. Some of the questions include: What is peer recovery? How did you disclose your diagnosis to your children?...

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Episode 6 – Mark Teike, Lutheran Leader

Mark Teike has served as senior pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Columbus, IN since 1992. Mark and his wife Debbie, a licensed clinical social worker who is the author of The Art of Invitation, have three grown children and one granddaughter. Mark and Debbie grew up in...

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Episode 5 – Marie Henning, Super Human Resource

Marie Henning has spent her career as a Human Resources professional. In this episode, Marie takes us behind the doors of the office where crucial conversations occur, prayers are offered, and people in distress are uncommonly cared for. Marie offers encouragement to those who face job stress and educates...

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Questions & Prayers Focused On Mental Health 

Periodically, we will raise your questions or share your prayers on our podcast or blog. You may post anonymously. 

The Key Question Asked On Every Podcast

. We want to reveal your response to this crucial question. Please consider writing to us and we may post on our blog or share in our podcast

Show Hosts

Tony and Eric met in 2014 following the release of Tony’s book, Delight in Disorder.  Nine months later, they began a weekly mental health wellness ministry called Faithful Friends.   Their shared interest in mental health advocacy and peer recovery motivated them to launch Revealing Voices on March 1, 2018.

Tony E. Roberts

I served almost 20 years in pastoral ministry before the progression of bipolar disorder led me to envision the mental health ministry Delight in Disorder. Now I write, speak, co-lead small groups, and podcast with Eric. I still have dangerous highs and debilitating lows, but God gives me hope in Christ.

Eric R. Riddle

After joining The Stability Network in 2017, I decided that it was time to trust my ability to work professionally and be a mental health advocate. Spiritual practices and commitment to Christian community are the foundation of maintaining my health.

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Revealing Voices is only as good as our podcast guests and contributors to our blog. We thank all of our guests and listeners for continuing to inspire us.  Our hope is that our audience will be empowered to share their mental health stories.

Amy Simpson

Author, Speaker, Coach
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Psychiatric Nurse

Jen Riddle

Pastor, Behavior Analyst