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Season 2 begins in March 2019!  Co-hosts Tony Roberts and Eric Riddle invite guests to discuss the role of mental healthcare and faith in improving wellness.

We are motivated by sparking intimate conversations with the question, “What does healing mean to you?

Episode 23 – Indiana DMHA Director, Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore is the Director of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA). He was appointed Director on January 1, 2012, and leads the public mental health and addiction treatment system. He was appointed after serving as Assistant Director for DMHA for 2 years, directly supervising the operations...

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Episode 22 – Into the Wilderness with Amie Carey

Welcome to Season 2 of Revealing Voices! Amie Carey is a mother of 3 from NYC who is passionate about changing the conversation around child and adolescent mental health.  She has been an advocate for families in crisis for about 5 years. Amie wrote a blog about her family’s experience which then morphed into a...

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Season 2 Trailer

We have settled into our new studio and are preparing for Season 2 to kickoff on Thursday, March 7. Join us for this quick announcement about adding a new “Healing Stories” format to our podcast feed!

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Episode 21 – Season 1 Finale!

Highlights from guest interviews and whimsical outtakes from the year bookend this episode.  Tony and Eric share their highs and lows from the season, as wells as hopes for the future of the podcast. We thank all of our listeners for your support over the course of 2018.  Look for season 2 to start in...

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Episode 20 – Dr. Susan Lockwood, Author Ready for Book Release

Dr. Susan Lockwood, author of “Kicked to the Curb: Where Policy has Failed our Most Vulnerable Youth and the Fight for a Better Tomorrow,” discusses her new book scheduled for release in December 2018. She is the former Director of Juvenile Education at the Indiana Department of Correction, where she retired after 17 years as a...

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Show Hosts

Tony and Eric met in 2014 following the release of Tony’s book, Delight in Disorder.  Nine months later, they began a weekly mental health wellness meeting called Faithful Friends.   Their shared interest in mental healthcare and ministry motivated them to launch Revealing Voices on March 1, 2018.

Tony E. Roberts

I served almost 20 years in pastoral ministry before progression of bipolar disorder led me to envision my mental health ministry, Delight in Disorder. Now I work as a Faith and Mental Health Advocate at St. Peter's Lutheran (Columbus, Indiana).

Eric R. Riddle

I lived 15 years with a diagnosis before publicly disclosing my mental health struggles. Responsibly sharing my experiences has enriched my recovery journey. Now encouraging others, I am motivated to build healing communities that eliminate stigma in all its forms.

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Featured Guests

Revealing Voices is only as good as our podcast guests and contributors to our blog.  We thank all of our guests and listeners for continuing to inspire us.  Our hope is that our audience will be empowered to share their mental health stories.

Amy Simpson

Author of "Blessed are the Unsatisified", "Troubled Minds", and "Anxious"
Episode 2